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new yorkers have discovered a new love: beekeeping. from the bridge cafe to the whitney museum to the historic waldorf astoria hotel, buzzing can be heard all over the rooftops of manhattan! this is exciting because it brings nature into the city, gives bees a safe environment to thrive, produces honey, and pollinates the city! without bees as pollinators, more than a third of the fruits and vegetables that we consume would be lost. bees are very important to urban gardening and enable us to have homegrown and local food. beekeepers witness dramatic improvements in their gardens’ yields with more and larger fruits, flowers, and vegetables. interested in getting involved and seeing what all the buzz is about? contact the american beekeepers federation, or if you are in nyc, contact the new york city branch

p.s. check out this cool short film about beekeeping in nyc!

(photos via our pinterest, here & here)

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